If your files are saved to a cloud storage connection, like Google Drive, they'll be there when you create that same connection in iAnnotate on your new device. If they're saved to Local Files, you'll want to use iTunes File Sharing. To use it, follow these steps:

In iAnnotate on both devices

  • Open the main library and tap the orange plus sign.
  • Tap Add Storage.
  • Tap Add iTunes File Sharing.

In iAnnotate on device with original documents

  • Select the files you'd like to transfer.
  • Tap the "..." icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap Copy To...
  • Choose iTunes File Sharing.

In iTunes

  • Sync the device with the original documents with iTunes.
  • Press File Sharing on the left (used to be called Apps).
  • Scroll down in the main window to the File Sharing section and select iAnnotate.
  • You should see your files, be able to select them, and press Save To... to back them up to your computer.
  • Sync your new device with iTunes and go to File Sharing.
  • Select iAnnotate and click Add to add your old files.

Your files will then appear in the iTunes File Sharing location in iAnnotate on your new device and you can copy them to your preferred storage location.